The Sartorius Entris II Precision Balance

The Sartorius Entris II Precision Balance

The Sartorius Entris II Precision Balance is dependable for reliable performance in busy laboratories. Built with smart operational functions and safety features, the Entris II can be used effectively even in hazardous environments. Thanks to automatic internal calibration, it provides consistent accuracy over time. Its intuitive user interface makes it simple and helps eliminate costly mistakes. The advanced data weighing modes allow operators to quickly and accurately complete tasks. With its ergonomic design, exceptional sensitivity range, and manual self-calibration capability, the Sartorius Entris II is an efficient solution for accurate and reliable weighing.

Reliable for laboratory precision and repeatable weighing applications

In addition, the Sartorius Entris II offers superior reliability and repeatability in laboratory applications. With a selectable response time setting, operators can achieve optimal accuracy even under changing environmental conditions. The integrated data security system ensures that results are securely stored and archived, providing complete traceability. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and smart functionalities, the Entris II is indispensable for laboratory precision and repeatable weighing applications.

For added peace of mind, the Entris II Balance is backed by Sartorius’ global service network of certified technicians, providing quick and reliable support should the need arise. With its exceptional precision and dependability, the Entris II Balance is a valuable addition to any laboratory.

User-Friendly Design

The Sartorius Entris II Balance has been designed with the highest levels of user convenience in mind. The intuitive hybrid touchscreen interface makes learning and using the balance straightforward. It also provides exceptional durability, ensuring that users can rely on their precision balance for a long time.

In addition to its user-friendly design, the Entris II offers 13 built-in applications designed to improve user experience. These built-in applications will improve accuracy and efficiency in any weighing task, from calculating total net weights and making sample conversions to quickly displaying statistical records or generating reports.


Finally, the Sartorius Plug & Play feature enables users to connect their balance to other Sartorius devices in seconds. The Direct-to-PC feature makes transferring data sets directly into Microsoft Excel or Word documents easy. With these features, the Entris II is truly an invaluable tool for any laboratory weighing task

May 12th 2023 AAA Weigh

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