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AAA Weigh and Bullseye Scale are your go-to sources for all pharmaceutical weighing solutions. We have professionals on hand to help you ensure quality and compliance in addition to providing you with the most modern and precise weighing equipment. From micrograms to tons, Give us a call to find out how our balances, scales, and calibration weights help ensure that things go smooth, and operators and customers are happy!

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Sartorius Cubis Configurable Balance

Sartorius Secura Balances


Ohaus Explorer Balances

Bench Scales

Minebea Intec Combics Indicators

Minebea Intec Signum Stainless Steel

Minebea Intec Signum 

Weigh Modules

Minebea Intec Contego

Minebea Intec Novego

Rice Lake 1600HE Hostile Environment

What Clients Say About Our Pharma Solutions

"From the moment you set up your balances in our lab, we noticed a significant improvement in efficiency and precision. The quality of your equipment and the attention to detail from your sales and service teams are evident."

Dr. Olivia, Pharmaceutical Researcher

"AAA Weigh and Bullseye Scale makes sure every scale we buy meets our needs for every application, every time. They sell the best brands, and spend the time to make sure that all our boxes are checked."

 Mark, Production Manager

"In our production facility, accuracy is non-negotiable. These scales have become the backbone of our quality control, and ensure the consistency and efficiency vital for our pharmaceutical production."

Dave, Quality Control Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

How precise are the measurements with your Pharmaceutical Scales?

Our Pharmaceutical Scales are engineered for unparalleled precision, ensuring exact dosage measurements crucial for pharmaceutical formulations. They meet the highest standards for accuracy in pharmaceutical operations.

How do your scales ensure regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry?

Our scales are designed to surpass industry standards, providing confidence in regulatory compliance. The meticulous engineering ensures adherence to pharmaceutical regulations, facilitating seamless audits and regulatory assessments.

Can your Pharmaceutical Scales accommodate various formulation needs?

Yes, our scales are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of formulation needs. Whether dealing with powders, liquids, or other substances, our scales offer the accuracy and flexibility required in pharmaceutical production.

How do your Pharmaceutical Scales contribute to time and cost savings?

Our scales streamline processes, minimizing the risk of errors in dosage measurements. This leads to substantial time and cost savings in pharmaceutical production. The efficiency gained through accurate weighing positively impacts overall productivity.